Rettey 6' Wide Small Pontoon Boats
Our Original "Little Cruisers"
Our New... Longer... Faster... "Skinny"
And Our New Angled Front "Skipper"

All With Colorful... Durable... Rettey Plastic Pontoons
And All Models Are Available Assembled Or In Kit Form
• Rettey Pontoon Boat Kits Make Great Family Projects •

Rettey "Little Cruisers"
Little Pontoon Boats Available 6' Wide And 12' and 14' Lengths


You Have Found It!

This Is The Simple Little Pontoon Boat You Have Been Looking For... And Now You Have Found It.

With Rettey Little Cruiser Pontoon Boats You Can Stand Up... Move Around... And Be Comfortable While Fishing Or Cruising.

An Inexpensive Little Pontoon Boat That Requires Very Little Maintenance...

And It Is Available In Kit Form...
Or Fully Assembled.

Above is a Rettey 6'x12' Little Cruiser with standard railings with three gates, and a canopy in the down position. Note the cutout for the motor mount at the rear. This moves a tiller style motor forward for easier control and steering.


You can go all out with enclosed railings, canopy, lights, cleats, and furniture... or with a simple pond boat as shown above with a simple kick rail to secure items on your deck.

How We Build Our Boats
We Begin With Rettey Plastic Pontoons And
One Of The Best... Well Built Aluminum Frameworks Available

You Can Purchase The Undercarriage Assembled... Or You Can Build It On Site


Look Under The Deck At Our Rettey Construction

From The Water Up..... Rettey Pontoon Boats And Platforms Are Built To Last.

Tough... Durable Polyethylene Plastic Pontoons With Stainless Steel Inserts.

2"x3"x2" Anodized Aluminum Z-Bar Frame Construction.

2"x3"x2" Z-Bar Floor Support Stingers Set 16" On Center.

Stainless Steel Bolts, Washers & Nuts.

Adjustable Motor Mounts For Both Long and Short Shaft Motors.

Front and Rear Bumpers Standard.

Two Rows Of Pontoons On Our 6' Wide Boats And Platforms. Optional Center Nose Pontoon.

Side Safety Grab Handles Available If Someone Goes In The Water.

Nine Colors of Pontoons.

Front Loading Eye-Bolt For Pulling Boat On Trailer.

Available In Kit Form For On Site Assembly..... Or We Can Assemble It For You.

Shown above is a 6'x12' undercarriage. The floor support stingers are 16" on center. Most boats on the market are 24" on center. It's a tough boat.


Above are components of a complete 6'x14' basic kit: the Undercarriage with Pontoons, Deck Trim, and Railing. (Plywood shown is for railing support.)
This is everything you need to build a basic Little Cruiser except for decking. We also offer some of the best Marine Polymer Plastic Decking made... at the best price you will find. You can buy a partial or complete Kit.

You Can Keep Your Little Pontoon Simple and Outfit It with Porch Or Lawn Furniture...
Build Your Own Seating... Or Use Regular Boating Deck Furniture
(All When Installed Properly)


The 6'x12' and 6'x14' Little Cruisers are rated to carry four passengers and from electric to 10 hp gas motors.

Ideas On Railing Layouts


The 6'x12' shown to the left is as simple as it gets. The photo was taken in California. These people built their own seats and decided to go with no railing. They use their Rettey Little Cruiser to get to their cabin.

Top right is a 6'x12' with the front railing set back 46". This customer wanted to sit on the front of his little Cruiser to fish.

Bottom right is a very simple lower railing designed for pond use. The customer simply wanted to keep his stuff from falling off the boat.

We build our own railings so if you have an idea we can probably build it for you.

Rettey Little Cruisers Are Fun...
And Easy To Maintain


Rettey's New "Skinny"
Available 6' Wide And 16' And 18' Lengths



These boats are narrow so they go where other larger pontoons have trouble.

Nice sized deck. The 16' and 18' are both rated to carry six passengers.

Both sizes are rated for 30 HP gas motors.


The "Skinnys have a new front pontoon design combined with our standard tough features.

The railing shown is our most popular, however we can build it to fit your needs.

Order your Skinny assembled... or as a kit.


The Bottom Of The "Skinny"

The "Skinny" undercarriage is built with the same heavy duty materials we use in our other boats. We use 2"x3"x2"x1/8" anodized aluminum Z-bar for the pontoon connectors and the floor support stringers which are 16" on center.

16" center to center floor stringer spacing gives you a stronger deck whether you use our 3/4" Rettey Plastic Polymer Decking or basic plywood. It is all held together with stainless steel bolts, washers, and nuts. And... as with all of our boats... it is easy to build if you decide to do a kit. And... as with all of our boats... you can buy it assembled.

The Skinny Has An Extra 4' Center Nose Pontoon Section

The "Skinny" Is Another New Idea From Rettey
And It Looks Good From Any Angle


Here's The Skinny On Why It's Different


The front of the Skinny has a different design than our other 6' wide boats. The Rettey Six Foot Skinnys have three nose pontoon sections across the front. These Skinny 4' nose ponton sections are different than our standard nose pontoons. These nose pontoons have a longer... more gradual...32" slope... much like the front of a Jon Boat. The standard pontoons have a steeper angled 16" slope. The standard nose pontoons are designed and built for buoyancy and stability.

The 32" Nose Pontoons are designed and built for less resistance in the water and speed. Having either style of our 4' nose pontoons installed under the center front adds a great deal of stability to any of our boats. If you are pulling up to the shoreline you will also find that a Skinny will get your deck a little closer to the shore making it easier to get on and off your boat.

A Great Replacement For a Jon Boat


Things You Can Do On Your Rettey Skinny (other than fishing) That You Can't Do In Your Jon Boat.....
Get Up And Walk Around... Stretch... Exercise... Lean Back In Your Deck Chair And Read...
Put The Canopy Up... Lay Down On Your Lounger And Take A Nap.

Rettey's New Angled Front "Skipper"
Available 6' Wide And 13'6" And 15'6" Lengths


The new Rettey Skipper... with its angled front... conveys a new look for small pontoon boats. It has a sporty look but is built to be a workhorse.

The extra center nose pontoon section adds both buoyancy and stability to your platform. Moving the center pontoon forward as shown adds 16" to your front deck. If you remember... all of our floor support stringers are 16" on center for strength. You can also add a center nose pontoon to a Little Cruiser and leave the pontoons even across the front.

With the extra center pontoon you will notice a big difference in stability when you step on the front of your boat.

The Skipper shown to the left does not have a motor cutout but it is available. If you are using a simple tiller style gas or electric motor you may want it.

The Rettey Skipper is built on the same undercarriage as the Little Cruisers. The difference is that it has an additional standard center nose pontoon that has been moved forward 16". This gives you a larger front step... more buoyancy... more stability... and a small pontoon unlike any others in the neighborhood.


Four Passengers And Up To
10 hp Gas.

Six Passengers And Up to 30 hp Gas


Shown above and to the left is a Bottom Kit. The Bottom Kit includes the pontons... anodized aluminum z-bar pontoon connectors... anodized aluminum z-bar floor support stringers placed 16" on center... adjustable motor mount... front pull bar... front and rear bumpers... side safety grab handles... and all of the stainless steel bolts and fasteners needed for assembly.

The undercarriage for the Skipper has all the same great features as our other boats... and you can buy the Skipper assembled or as a kit to assemble yourself. If you purchase a kit you can buy any part you need.

From The Decking On Up

To Complete Your
"Little Cruiser"... "Skinny"... Or "Skipper"...
Rettey Also Offers

3/4" Rettey Marine Polymer Decking For Your Flooring Needs. Visit:

Railings... Standard And Custom. Our Railings Are Built Of 1.25" Anodized Aluminum Square Tubing.

6' x 8' Canopies For Shading. 1.25" Sq Tubing. Includes Storage Boot.

Lights, Wiring, And Switches. Includes Wiring In Plastic Conduit On Assembled Boats.

6" Stainless Steel Cleats.

Simple Plastic Steering Console For Mounting Steering Wheel And Gauges.

Rettey Pontoons - Individual Pontoons and Rows Of Pontoons

As Simple As It Gets


We manufacture our Rettey Plastic Pontoons in 4 ft. and 2 ft. lengths. We mold 8 - 3/8" stainless steel inserts into the top of every 4' pontoon for bolting the framework to the pontoons. Rettey has developed a molding process that totally encases the inserts in the plastic without any possibility of leaking.

To make a row of pontoons... sections of pontoons are lined up end to end and are held together with 2"x3"x2" anodized aluminum z-bar Pontoon Connectors that bolt to the stainless steel inserts in the tops of the pontoons.

You can purchase individual plastic pontoon sections or rows and you can purchase the pontoons with or without the aluminum z-bar connectors. We have straight sections and two different 4' nose pontoons to choose from.

Since Rettey Pontoons are made in sections and the Aluminum Z-Bar Connectors come apart... Rettey Pontoons can be shipped via FedEx, UPS, USPS, or LTL on a skid.

If you need additional flotation...
Rettey Plastic Pontoons are a practical way to go.

Rettey Pontoon Boats Are Shipped And Used In Far Away Places

If you are thinking about buying a Rettey Pontoon Boat Kit and you do not want to drive in to pick it up... then we can probably figure out a way to get it to you.

Our Kits Parts break down into individual cartons which can be shipped individually through FedEx, UPS, or USPS. A less expensive way to ship is to consolidate the cartons on a stretch wrapped skid and ship it via LTL trucking. If you can ship to a business address it is even less. When the skid arrives you can cut the stretch wrap and lift the cartons off the truck one at a time. None of the cartons weigh more than 70 lbs..

The photo to the right is not only a great photo but it gives you an idea of how it works. The cartons on the snowmobile sleds are a Rettey Kit Boat. The shipment began on a skid at the factory and was hauled by truck to the state of Washington. It then went in a container and by boat to Alaska. After another truck ride... the final leg to a fishing camp was by sled.


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